ToonApp: Download Free AI Cartoon Photo Editor (UPDATED 2024)

ToonApp caricature maker is one of the best mobile applications to create a cartoon of yourself within few seconds.

This awesome application has become so popular over the months with millions of downloads.

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The main reason is that the ToonApp cartoon creator app offers advanced features to create a quality cartoon of your photo.

What is the ToonApp Cartoon Creator Application?

ToonApp is one of the top-rated cartoon creator apps that uses astounding AI filters to convert your photo into a cartoon.

Making a cartoon of yourself using an actual photo of you has become a trend these days.

So that, you might have already noticed many people post their cartoon photos on social media.

Thanks to the Toon App Cartoon creator, anyone who wants to create a cartoon of themselves can create a cartoon in few taps in this App.

This application also offers you some anime characters creating features as well.

So that, you can turn a photo of yourself into an anime character with a big head.

In order to create an anime of yourself with this caricature maker App, you have to first create the cartoon of yourself and then choose a big head anime body that you like to have with your cartoon photo.

Therefore, the ToonApp is considered an all-in-one app to cartoonify any photo you have on your mobile gallery.

So if you are anime characters enthusiastic, I bet that this App is going to be your favorite App on your mobile.

Because, Toon App has various types of unique digital art filters that you cannot experience from other apps.

Moreover, this cartoon creator app will also allow you to combine drip effects with cartoon filters.

So that, you can create your own vector arts.

ToonApp is so popular among social media users because this App gives you the ability to create a stunning caricature for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Pinterest, and so on.

Application Package Information

Application NameToonApp
File Size38 MB
Content Rating3+
Supported PlatformsAndroid, iOS, PC and Mac
Supported VersionAndroid 4.1 and Above
CategoryVideo Editing

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How to Download and Install Toon App?

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ToonApp for Android

You can directly download this awesome photo cartoon photo editor app from the Google Play Store.

Further, you can directly download it from this website as well.

ToonApp for ios

The ToonApp is available in Apple App Store and therefore ios users can also download this on their iPhones and iPads

How to Download and Install ToonApp for Pc and Mac

As you already aware, ToonApp is a cartoon editor app developed for mobile operating systems like Android and ios.

Therefore, you will not be able to install it on your Windows or Mac PC directly.

So that, you have to download an android emulator like BlueStacks and then login to the Google Play Store and download the app.

Alternatively, you can directly load the APK file to the android emulator and use it straightaway.

This cartoon creator app is a cross-platform application, and therefore, you can get it on your android and iOS devices.

The application features different kinds of photos and cartoon editing tools, making it a complete platform for cartoon photo creating.

Some of the popular tools available in the ToonApp is as below,

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Big Head Challenge

There are different types of photo editing trend all over social media platforms.

For example, the Big Head challenge is popular on Instagram and makes people participate in it every day.

So you can use ToonApp to create an awesome cartoon character with a big head of yourself and join with these challenges.

Further, you can adjust the size of your head and body using this App.

Once you are done with your Big Head Caricature, you can use the “bigheadchallenge hashtag on Instagram and post it.

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AI Cartoon Photo Editor

As we have mentioned earlier in this guide, Toon App cartoon maker has almost all the essential tools to create a complete Caricature in few taps in the App.

You can simply select a photo from the images library of your device or take a quick photo using the snap selfie feature in the ToonApp to get started with.

After that, you can use the cartoon photo editor of the App to toonify the selected image.

You can also use the AI Cartoon Photo Editor option in this App to create awesome cartoon Avatars.

The procedure is the same as above, and you can start off with any picture you have on your device library.

In addition to that, you can use the comic features of ToonApp and add speech balloons to your Avatar.

So, this App allows you to create creative Avatar images with colorful brush and splash effects.

Other Unique Features of the ToonApp

Trendy Drip Effect:

This comic maker feature on the ToonApp allows you to have popular photoshop effects, and therefore you can create awesome Dripping effects with this App.

Further, when it comes to the background of the image, you can either go for a blurred background or use an anime background instead.

So you will have different types of anime effects to use along with the “toon me” filter.

Magic Brush Effect:

You can use the brush effect of the App seamlessly with the portrait mode, and you can use this tool to make your profile pictures in few seconds.

In addition to that, you can also use the photo effects such as star, glowing, heart color splash, and so on in the cartoon photo editor tool of the ToonApp as well.

If you wish, you can try out the cartoon portrait editor and fun cartoon maker to make your picture more beautiful.

Toon Backgrounds and Layouts:

The picture editor tool of the ToonApp allows you to remove the background of any image automatically instantly.

After that, you can put any background image to the photo as you prefer.

In simple, you can Avatarify and Toonify your image and then add an image you like as the background.

Photo Filters

ToonApp has many other features other than the cartoon face filters.

Some of the other popular filers are oil painting filters, sketch art, vector art effects, and so on.

Oil painting filters will help you to turn your photo into a painting or bitmoji.

Selfie Camera Effects

ToonApp allows you to use various types of filters in the selfie camera and create animations straightaway.

So this is the best face app to retouch your pictures with cartoon camera effects.

ToonApp Cartoon Photo Editor App Insights

ToonApp is one of the best cartoon editor apps for cartooning your photos.

This application has all the required features to make a complete cartoon image.

So that, you do not need a different App for different editing activities as long as you have the ToonApp.

So enjoy this awesome cartoon photo editor app, and please contact us if you have any concerns regarding this website.

Please contact us for any concern you have regarding the contents of this website

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Toon Me and ToonApp?

these are two apps that offers similar features. so Toon me is a similar app to ToonApp

What is toon app pro?

This is the premium version of the Toon App

What is toon app online?

This is the online editor version of the app

How to use toon app for free?

The application offers a trial period and you can use the Toon App for free during the Trial

What is toon app mod apk?

This is the modified version of the app

How to use toonapp without watermark?

In order to use the app without watermark, you have to subscribe for a premium account

How to get toon app old version?

Please check the changelog of this website

How to toon create girl cartoon using toon app?

Please use the Carton mode in the app

How to fix toon app not working issue?

Please restart the app or try to re-install it.

How to update the ToonApp?

You will get automatic update notifications to the app dashboard.